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  • What makes ICAEW Chartered Accountants unique?

    ICAEW Chartered Accountants have completed a minimum of three years’ in-depth training, including practical experience. We are members of ICAEW – The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and are committed to continuing professional development training every year to keep our knowledge and skills up to date.

    We are also bound by ICAEW’s code of ethics and are subject to ICAEW’s disciplinary procedures.

    Members are required to hold a practising certificate and professional indemnity insurance if they offer professional services to the public and are part of ICAEW’s practice assurance scheme. This demonstrates their commitment to quality assurance, and upholding and developing the highest professional standards.

  • How much do you charge?

    Our fees are based upon the amount of time spent on your affairs, taking into account the complexity of the issue. We believe in full transparency and always agree the fees up front.

    We offer a city centre service at out-of-town prices, delivered by our committed and highly experienced staff. We have invested heavily over recent years in new technology enabling us to service our clients' needs efficiently and, most importantly, cost effectively.

  • Do you provide fee protection cover for tax investigations?

    During the lifetime of an individual tax payer, partnership or other business, it is quite likely that there will be some form of enquiry made by either the Inland Revenue or Customs and Excise. Enquiries or investigations of this type are very often selected on a random basis.

    HMRC have powers to investigate income tax and corporation tax payers at random, and the number of these investigations is expected to increase dramatically over future years.

    If you are a self-assessment tax payer, an employer filing P11D forms on employee benefits, or VAT returns, or if you are responsible for employees' PAYE, then you could be subject to a random investigation. Even if the Revenue finds nothing as a result of the investigation, you will still have unexpected professional fees to pay as a result.

    We strongly recommend that clients consider subscribing to the cover we offer. We will be pleased to send full details and a quote to you.

  • Do you offer a free initial consultation?

    The simple answer to this question is YES.